The MYCOVER motorcycle tarpaulin for Royal Enfield

MYCOVER® – Protection at it’s finest

The MYCOVER® Premium motorcycle tarpaulin

  • 10x well thought-out functions: For reliable year-round protection and optimal value retention.
  • Extra robust material: Impact, scratch and tear resistant and additionally finished with a double nano-coating.
  • Unique in design: More than an ugly plastic bag! Brand-independent design in a distinctive form of MYCOVER®.

Premium quality motorcycle covers

Experience the MYCOVER® quality


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The motorcycle cover without compromise

Protection at the highest level!

Developed by bikers for bikers

We didn’t want any compromises for our bikes and after a long development period we have set our own new quality standard for our motorcycle covers.

We are guaranteed different!

No more cheap covers that do more harm than protection to your bike! MYCOVER® is dedicated to protecting your motorcycle and only uses high-quality materials that have been tested over many years.

Our vision

The second skin for your motorcycle

Year-round protection

The specially developed outdoor material is waterproof, breathable, resistant to cold and heat, and weatherproof – your 360° all-round protection for all seasons.

More value retention

UV radiation bleaches the paint and damages trim parts, rubber components and speedometer displays. These become brittle, develop stress cracks, lose their color and have to be replaced. Protect your bike now!

Robust material

Even neighbors have a careless moment. Be prepared and protect your bike against unsightly scratches, dents, hail and paint chips with our extra durable and tear-resistant 300D material.

Drive more & clean less

Pollen dust, tree sap, water stains and bird droppings: A constantly dirty motorcycle – that’s the end of it! Also permanently protect your motorcycle from rust, snow, ice, rain, dust and sand.

Cheap was yesterday!

Cheap tarpaulins scratch the paint, cause your bike to rust, cause mold and usually don’t even last a season. This is now over – rely on quality from bikers for bikers!

MYCOVER® premium tarpaulin by bikers for bikers

10 functions for optimal motorcycle protection


The repellent and water-resistant nano-coatings ensure optimal protection against rain, snow and moisture in every season

Scratch and UV protection

Our extra-strong 300D woven fabrics for outdoor use, which have been tested over many years, effectively protect the paintwork from scratches, dirt and UV damage

Elastic hem

There is an elastic hem on both sides for an optimal fit and to reduce the frictional forces on the painted components

Soft inner lining

The extra soft inner lining minimizes the formation of scratches and contributes to the best possible value retention of your motorcycle

heat protection

Special heat protection material reduces the risk of heat damage (up to approx. 200°C) and also offers protection in the lower area of the manifold up to the silencer.

Cover with a viewing window for your bike. Don't risk a warning!

license plate window

According to § 10 ABs. 2 GZV and § 23 para. 1 StVO, a viewing window is mandatory and non-compliance even threatens the tow truck. Better save the money for a tour!

reflective strips

UHRS reflective strips – Ultra High Reflection Stripes – for best visibility at night. The luminous particles ensure maximum reflection in a striking design

Motorcycle cover motorcycle tarpaulin breathable

ventilation zones

To allow moisture to escape effectively and to prevent rust, a specially processed ventilation fabric was sewn at the height of the exterior mirrors

Windproof motorcycle tarpaulin with safety straps for optimal protection in wind and weather

safety belts

Two quick-release straps ensure a significant reduction in susceptibility to wind and less friction in order to protect sensitive components even better

Motorcycle cover with anti-theft protection for the motorcycle lock

theft protection

The anti-theft device without rubbing plastic or aluminum rings offers you, your rims, your bike and the tarpaulin additional protection

MYCOVER® premium tarpaulin by bikers for bikers

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Does your bike deserve more than a cheap cover?

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