The MYCOVER motorcycle tarpaulin for Royal Enfield

MYCOVER® premium motorcycle cover also for your Royal Enfield

Continuous performance development, doing your job at all altitudes and in all weather conditions, being reliable, having stamina, more important than briefly performing well.

Royal Enfield lives by this motto, also shaped by the military history and reliability is the top priority.

We at MYCOVER® Protection can identify with this very well and have created a motorcycle tarpaulin that offers the motorcycle more than just brief rain protection.

Our exclusive materials offer reliable tarpaulin protection by bikers for bikers and protect every Royal Enfield anywhere in the world. Our premium motorcycle tarpaulin in L protects all Classic models and the XL+ version the Himalayan to support you well packed on every trip.

With over 10 thoughtful features for year-round protection.

Our best MYCOVER® motorcycle tarpaulin, also for Royal Enfield motorcycles

“Leave every place better” is the motto of the Enfield Rider Mania.

Our MYCOVER® motorcycle cover not only protects your motorcycle, but also lets you sleep better.

All-season, high-performance motorcycle protection and no more throwaway! Not only outdoors, but also under the carport, we protect your Royal Enfield – by bikers for bikers.

  • interceptors
  • Continental GT
  • Himalayan
  • Classic
  • bullet

Size Chart

Our size recommendation for the right choice for your motorcycle

Is your motorcycle in its original condition? Then simply take a look at the size table for the MYCOVER® motorcycle cover.

Attention: Do you have a windshield? side cases? top case? bar end mirror? Or other accessories? This is how you find the right size for your motorcycle .

Bullet 500




Classic 500








Continental GT 650




Interceptor 650




Himalayan 411 EFI Adventure








Himalayan 450 (2022)

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Hunter 350 (2022)

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METEOR 350 (2022)

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METEOR 650 (2022)

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Bullet Trials 500




Measure your motorcycle correctly

Did you install accessories or didn’t find your motorcycle in the size table?

In order to choose the right size of tarpaulin for your motorcycle, you first need the real dimensions of your motorcycle model.

The maximum length, maximum width and maximum height (L x W x H) are decisive for choosing the right size.

Good to know: The manufacturer’s specifications are usually without mirrors or license plate holders!

Correctly measure Royal Enfield motorcycle tarpaulin for MYCOVER Outdoor

Our outdoor motorcycle tarpaulins have these sizes

Sizes for tourer, sportsman, etc.

SizeLengthFront widthFront heightHeight tailMax tail width
M+ TC2159513011580
L 23510012010090
XL+ 245110145100105
XL+ TC250115145140105
All dimensions in cm, dimensions of the transport bag: 38x10x30cm

Chopper sizes

SizeLengthFront widthFront heightHeight tailMax tail width
All dimensions in cm, dimensions of the transport bag: 38x10x30cm

You are unsure or did not find your motorcycle in the size table? No problem!

We will be happy to advise you and help you in our live chat via Whatsapp , by phone or by e-mail .

MYCOVER motorcycle cover for Royal Enfield, the protection for your motorcycle

Premium outdoor motorcycle tarpaulin from MYCOVER®

A high-quality motorcycle deserves a high-quality motorcycle tarpaulin

The MYCOVER premium outdoor motorcycle tarpaulin also offers your Royal Enfield optimal protection against moisture, dirt and scratches.

It is suitable for outdoor use all year round, but is also wonderfully suitable as an indoor cover for your garage or carport.

The MYCOVER® motorcycle cover

Protect your Royal Enfield and its chrome attachments against dirt, moisture and rust now.

Our best outdoor motorcycle cover with 10 different features supports you in maintaining the value of your motorcycle in summer, autumn, winter and of course in snow and rain.

A reliable motorcycle also deserves durable motorcycle tarpaulin protection!