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Per §10 para. 2 FZV and §23 para. 1 StVO, a window that allows your reg plate to be seen is compulsory; a warning can be issued for failure to comply. Wouldn’t you rather spend the money on a tour with your friends?

The MYCOVER® tarpaulin can be equipped with two security openings on the front and rear wheel for the use of your motorcycle lock. These will make theft harder and take additional time.

The soft inner lining minimises the formation of scratches and helps maximise the amount of value your motorcycle can retain.

Our recommendation: Before placing the cover, make sure your bike is clean (no sand or other dirt, oil, etc.). The friction that can occur when the cover is placed or moved by the wind, etc. can damage the paint, plastic parts, mirrors, rims, or the tarp itself.

Step 1:

Spread the tarp out fully; arrange to reflect the shape of the bike.

Starting with the front, put the cover on the mirrors and handlebars on the front fairing.

Pull the tarpaulin apart by the handle on the lower hem (left and right of the reflector strip) and pull it completely down over the front wheel.

Step 2:

Spread the remainder of the tarpaulin over the vehicle (over the seat).

Pull to the rear end.

Step 3:

Pull the cover down by the handle on the lower hem (left and right of the reflector strip).

Fully pull the cover over the reg plate and rear tyre.

Two straps (one in front of the rear wheel and one behind the front wheel) minimise the tarp’s movement in the case of high winds, ensuring less friction and better protection of sensitive components The two safety straps ensure the optimal fit of the cover on your motorcycle.

Don’t use any cleaning agents or the like. We recommend wiping it down only with tepid water. Do not spread the cover on the floor to dry. We recommend draping it over use two chairs outside. Improper drying using clothes pins, hooks, electric dryer, etc. can damage the cover. Be careful when cleaning the reg plate window (easier to scratch).

Your order comes with a transport bag. Before the cover can be stored or transported, it must be completely dry and clean. Dirt and moisture can cause mould or damage to the cover or packaging. Do not fold or bend the cover at the plastic reg plate window or ventilation flaps, as this can cause irreversible damage.

Our recommendation: When folding the cover for the transport bag, you should start with the reg plate window, so that it will not get bent in the transport bag.

We have been working with motorcycle protection for several years (professional and private). We have compiled our knowledge in the user’s manual and safety instructions (pdf file). Any more questions? Send us an email: support@mycover-protection.com

  1. To protect against rust, a cover should not only be waterproof, but also breathable.
  2. Make sure they provide enough UV protection to prevent plastics, rubber components, and the paint from fading
  3. To ensure four-season protection, the material must be stable in both cold and heat.
  4. To protect the paint against shock and scratch, make sure it is made with a durable material with sufficient, cotton-like lining inside.
  5. Per §10 para. 2 FZV and §23 para. 1 of the German Traffic Code, a window that allows your reg plate to be seen is compulsory; a warning can be issued for failure to comply. Wouldn’t you rather spend the money on a tour with your friends?
  6. Make sure the motorcycle cover is dirt-repellent, for example, through a coating. This also helps preserve value and makes the bike easier to clean.
  7. Your covered motorcycle must also be visible to others on the road. Reflectors or reflective fabrics support visibility at night!
  8. Pay attention to a good fit e.g. through an elastic hem to minimize the sensitivity and friction between cover and motorcycle.
  9. Look for additional protections against wind. For example, through straps or other tie-downs.
  10. A correctly positioned heat protection material not only can protect against a warm exhaust or engine, it can also reduce moisture and condensation from being absorbed from below.

We recommend using a cover all the time and not just when leaving the bike outdoors. In the garage, car park, or carport, it also protects against dust, dirt, scratches, and shock.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish!


Other mirrors? High windshield? Other exhaust? Tuning changes your bike and dimensions

Hence our recommendation -> measure!

Size M: L 205 x B   90 x H 120
Size L L 230 x B 100 x H 125
Size XL: L 245 x B 110 x H 145

Easy to Use Total length (cm) Total width (cm) Total height (cm)

You should keep that in mind: Make sure there’s a gap of about 10 cm between the floor and the tarpaulin. If the dimensions of your bike are between two sizes, choose the larger one!






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