MYCOVER® Premium Outdoor Motorcycle cover

Exclusive and handmade motorcycle cover for optimal value retention & outdoor protection.

Now with intermediate sizes for all motorcycle types!

  • Material: Scratch and tear resistant 300D outdoor material with reinforced double seams and double nano coating (lotus effect), scratch protection with extra soft inner fleece
  • Features: Waterproof, Breathable, UV Resistant, All year use.
  • Protection features: Anti-moisture ventilation, bright 360° reflectors, heat protection inside, reinforced openings for motorcycle lock, safety straps for wind protection.
  • Scope of delivery: Premium motorcycle cover, high-quality transport bag

More info: All functions & features

MYCOVER® Premium Outdoor


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Personal advice for your motorcycle

Your motorcycle is not in the size recommendations? Then contact us directly via WhatsApp.

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¹: Excluded from the promotion are cable locks, floor anchors and accessories such as care sprays and loose chains for brake disc locks.

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The second skin for your motorcycle

MYCOVER® Premium motorcycle covers

Exclusive outdoor quality • Handmade • Tear resistant • Waterproof • Can be used all year round • Perfect fit

Motorcycle cover MYCOVER

Easy and fast size selection

  • Size recommendations for more than 1300 models
  • Over 15 intermediate sizes for all types of motorcycles

Premium quality without compromise

Like thousands of other bikers, trust MYCOVER®

Sven 14/06/2020

“Ein sehr robustes und reißfestes Material: Nach über 2 Jahren Dauereinsatz keine Risse, UV-Schäden, oder ähnliches. Definitiv kein Vergleich zu meinen bisherigen Abdeckplanen!”

Thorsten 03/08/2021

“Endlich eine wasserdichte Motorradplane die wirklich schützt. Auch nach mehreren starken Regenfälle keinerlei Probleme. Absolut Top!”


Developed by bikers for bikers

MYCOVER Protection motorcycle cover
Benjamin and Constantin, Founders of MYCOVER®

Fed up with constantly torn motorcycle tarps, we decided in 2018 to develop for our own bikes THE premium cover tarpaulin.

Today, together with our biker community, we develop custom-fit outdoor motorcycle covers for all manufacturers and models.

Our partners

Problems of our biker community

Typical problems with motorcycle “covers”

Material breakage after a short time – Can cause damage & loss of value to the motorcycle

For your motorcycle no compromise!

Choose exclusive motorcycle protection

Our motorcycles deserve real long-term outdoor protection! That is why we have combined special outdoor material with our best features:

Motorcycle cover waterproof
  • Exclusive outdoor material
    Waterproof and breathable for maximum value retention
  • Strong all weather protection
    UV resistant and weatherproof with double nano coating
Motorcycle cover sturdy material
  • 100% Resistant
    Scratch & tear resistant 300D material with extra reinforced double seams
  • Handmade & sewn
    From experienced employees for long-term value retention
Motorcycle cover soft inner lining
  • Optimal fit
    No flapping due to perfect fit sizes with elastic hemline
  • Protects the paint permanently
    Special scratch protection with extra soft inner fleece
Motorcycle cover tarpaulin heat protection
  • Additional heat protection material
    Reduces the risk of heat damage (up to approx. 200°C)
  • Protects your exhaust
    In the lower area of the manifold up to the end muffler
Motorcycle cover breathable
  • Double ventilation zone
    At the level of the exterior mirrors to allow moisture to escape effectively
  • Optimal air circulation
    Prevents waterlogging and helps prevent rust
Motorcycle cover reflectors
  • Bright reflectors
    Discreetly finished in the seams in a striking design
  • 360° visibility at night
    For optimal reflection from all sides
Motorcycle tarpaulin lock
  • Reinforced lock openings
    Without rubbing plastic or aluminum rings protect your rims and paint
  • Theft protection on both sides
    Depending on the parking situation, attach the lock to the front or rear wheel
Motorcycle tarp safety belts
  • 2x Sturdy safety belts
    Securely fix the tarpaulin to the motorcycle
  • Protects sensitive components
    By minimizing the susceptibility to wind and friction on the coating
Motorcycle cover with license plate window
  • license plate window
    Approved according to § 10 ABs. 2 GZV and § 23 para. 1 StVO
  • For each parking lot
    Suitable and no more towing or parking ticket

Experience the MYCOVER® quality

Probably the last cover you’ll buy!


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Optimal fit for your motorcycle

New: Intermediate sizes for all motorcycle types

Tourer • Chopper • Supersports • Naked • Enduro • Scooter

Choose MYCOVER® now

Your bike deserves more than a cheap cover!

MYCOVER® high-tech tarpaulin: high-quality materials in a striking design
MYCOVER®: Exactly the protection your bike needs!
High quality transport bag for your motorcycle garage and tours with friends

Over 1300 size recommendations

Find your right size in three easy steps

Fill in the fields above to receive recommendations

Now measure your motorcycle correctly and find the right cover size

If your bike is rebuilt or you couldn’t find it in our size recommendations, use our step by step guide to find the right cover size by measuring your bike.

Step 1: Measure motorcycle

Determine the maximum length, front and rear height, and steering wheel and rear width.

The official specifications of the manufacturers are often without the license plate holder or the mirrors.

Better measure yourself to be on the safe side!

Total length

Tail height

Maximum front height

Maximum front width

Maximum rear width

Step 2: Plan for buffers

Add some buffer to your taken measurements.

  • Steering wheel width: 2 cm
  • Total length: 5 to 10 cm
  • Front and rear height: 5 to 10 cm from the ground

Step 3: Select size

Use your measurements with buffer and select the appropriate cover tarp size from the following table of dimensions of our tarp.

If the dimensions of your motorcycle are between two sizes, choose the larger one!

If you have any questions about the right size of the cover, please check our FAQ or contact our support, we will help you!

Dimensions of the MYCOVER® motorcycle tarpaulin

Sizes for tourer, sportsman, etc.

SizeLengthFront widthFront heightHeight tailMax tail width
M+ TC2159513011580
L 23510012010090
XL+ 245110145100105
XL+ TC250115145140105
All dimensions in cm, dimensions of the transport bag: 38x10x30cm

Chopper sizes

SizeLengthFront widthFront heightHeight tailMax tail width
All dimensions in cm, dimensions of the transport bag: 38x10x30cm

Unsure which size fits your bike? We are happy to help you and here you can reach us: Contact.

Frequently asked questions about the MYCOVER® Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Which motorcycle cover size is right for my motorcycle?

My motorcycle is not rebuilt:

We have measured for you and you will find the right size recommendation in our size chart for over 1,300 different motorcycle models.

We have size recommendations for:

  • Standard (factory / original condition)
  • Topcase
  • Side case
  • Side Case & Top Case
  • Short license plate holder
  • Short mirrors
  • Short license plate holder and short mirrors
  • High front window

If your bike is not in the list or you have questions about the right size selection: With our personal customer support from bikers for bikers we are happy to help you!

My motorcycle is rebuilt:

If you have modified the original condition of your motorcycle, it may be that you need a different cover size – than indicated in the size recommendation – depending on the type of modification.

Feel free to use the size recommendation in the table as a reference and then see what dimensions have changed with your conversions.

How to measure your motorcycle correctly in three simple steps, we show you here: Measuring a motorcycle correctly

For questions about measuring or general questions, feel free to contact us by email, What’s App, or phone.

Why does the MYCOVER Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Cover cost more than other covers?

To answer the question in a nutshell:

Because other motorcycle covers often offer you only a basic rain protection with many compromises and disadvantages!

Our own experience with other motorcycle covers:

Due to our living situation, our first motorcycles had to be parked outside all year round, which is why we absolutely wanted to protect them with a cover tarpaulin to preserve their value: Within only 3 years we have worn out – inconceivable – 9 different motorcycle cover tarpaulins.

As we unfortunately had to find out ourselves, the tarpaulins on the aftermarket often offer only a temporary basic rain protection and (probably for cost reasons) many necessary functions have been skimped on. In the process, we bought not only the tarpaulins of well-known brand manufacturers, but also the so-called “test winners” and “best sellers”:

The result was simply disappointing for us after just a few weeks!

After only a short use, the seams often came loose, the fabric tore, mold on the inside, metal rings caused scratches in the paint and because of the poor fit, the first rust appeared due to standing moisture … One thing we can tell you: This issue has cost us not only unnecessary money, but also a lot of time and nerves!

After talking to biker friends about our experiences, we then quickly realized that we were not alone with this problem.

This is definitely not how we had imagined it for our motorcycles and this is where we had to act!

After almost two years of development, we had then developed an outdoor tarpaulin for our motorcycles without compromise: We have explicitly chosen outdoor fabrics that have been tested for many years and are extremely durable, which are additionally refined with a double nano-coating.

Carefully hand sewn, the unique and distinctive design of the MYCOVERmotorcycle cover is created. One of the design highlights are the reflective stripes that are elaborately incorporated into the seam and run around both sides, which provide reliable 360° visibility protection, not only at night.

With the MYCOVERoutdoor tarpaulin you don’t get a basic rain cover, but an exclusive motorcycle tarpaulin with over 10x functions, which are the basic prerequisite for optimal value retention and theft protection.

Special bikes deserve special protection!

MYCOVER- Protection at its finest

New equipment for chopper sizes (C-…)

We took your feedback into account when developing the chopper sizes!

Exclusively soft inner flow and no heat protection material:

In order to protect your partly very sensitive special paints and also e.g. powder-coated exhaust systems even better from scratches, we have dispensed with the internal heat protection in the lower area of our Chopper Outdoor tarpaulins and equipped the Chopper Outdoor tarpaulins exclusively with our soft paint-protecting inner flow.

Extra pockets (4x) on the inside for the safety straps:

To protect your special paint even better when putting on the cover, you can now safely store the safety straps in specially made pockets on the inside of the cover and close them with Velcro. More protection for your paint really does not go! After pulling up, you can then drop the safety straps by simply loosening the Velcro from the protective bags again and additionally fix the tarpaulin if necessary.

Extra openings (2x) for your battery charging cable:

Due to the use of alarm systems, the battery of chopper motorcycles must be charged frequently. For this purpose, we have made 30cm long and reclosable openings for your battery charging cable on the right and left side, each at the height of the battery. Charging your battery with the MYCOVER cover has never been so easy!

Why does a motorcycle cover need a license plate window?

AFTER § 10 ABs. 2 GZV and §23 par. 1 StVO, a viewing window for a motorcycle cover is mandatory and is subject to warning in case of non-compliance. Better buy a motorcycle cover with a window for the license plate and save the money of a warning for a tour with your friends!

Does an outdoor motorcycle cover protect against theft?

More than 20,000 two-wheelers are stolen in Germany every year…

The MYCOVER® motorcycle cover not only protects from prying eyes, but is also equipped with two security openings each at the front and rear wheel for the use of your motorcycle lock. Combine your new MYCOVERoutdoor motorcycle cover with a high-quality motorcycle lock from ABUS, for example, and this combination offers you excellent theft protection and guarantees quieter nights.

Does the motorcycle cover protect against scratches?

The soft inner lining of the MYCOVER® cover minimizes scratching and contributes to the best possible value retention of your motorcycle.

Our recommendation: Before you use a motorcycle cover, your motorcycle must be clean (no sand, oil or other dirt, etc.).

Due to the resulting friction when pulling on the motorcycle cover or due to the movement caused by the wind, a dirty motorcycle may cause unintentional damage to paint, plastic parts, mirrors, rims, etc. or damage to the cover. Therefore, clean your motorcycle regularly and look forward to a long shining paint and an optimal value retention.

What is the best way to put the motorcycle cover on the bike?

Step 1: Raise front

  • Align the fully spread motorcycle cover according to the vehicle.
  • Starting with the front, slip the motorcycle cover over the mirrors and handlebar ends over the front fairing.
  • Pull the motorcycle cover apart by the handle at the bottom hem (left and right of the reflector strip) and pull it completely down over the front wheel.

Step 2: Put motorcycle cover over the seat

  • Spread the rest of the motorcycle cover over the vehicle (place over the seat).
  • Go to the rear of the vehicle.

Step 3: Cover up to the tail

  • Pull the motorcycle cover apart by the handle at the bottom hem (left and right of the reflector strip).
  • Put the tarpaulin completely over the license plate and the rear tire.

What prevents the outdoor motorcycle cover from being blown away by the wind?

Due to the two safety belts of the MYCOVER® motorcycle cover (in front of the rear wheel and behind the front wheel), the fabric adapts perfectly to the shape of your motorcycle.

A good fit not only looks visually much better and prevents the annoying fluttering in the wind, but also ensures a minimization of wind susceptibility (danger of tipping over by wind), as well as less friction on your motorcycle.

Only a properly fitting motorcycle cover can protect your bike in the long term!

How do I properly care for the motorcycle cover?

Important not to damage the double nano-coating of the motorcycle cover: No cleaning agents or similar should be used for cleaning.

We recommend wiping the motorcycle cover with lukewarm water only.

  • The outdoor motorcycle cover must not be left on the ground to dry.
  • We recommend using two outdoor chairs or a long clothesline.
  • Improper drying, e.g. using clothespins (sharp edges), a dryer or similar can damage the motorcycle cover. Be careful when cleaning the license plate viewing window (prone to scratching).

How do I get the outdoor motorcycle cover back neatly into the transport bag?

The scope of delivery of the motorcycle cover includes a transport bag.

Before the motorcycle cover can be stored or transported, it must be completely dry and clean.

Dirt and moisture can lead to the formation of mold or damage to the cover or packaging. Do not fold or bend the cover at the license plate window or ventilation ears as irreversible damage may be caused.

Our recommendation: When folding the cover for the transport bag, you should start with the license plate window so that it does not get bent in the transport bag:

What should I look for when comparing outdoor motorcycle covers?

  • To protect against rust, outdoor tarpaulin should be not only waterproof, but also breathable.
  • Make sure you have adequate UV protection to keep the plastics, rubber components and paint from fading.
  • For protection in winter and summer, the material must be cold and heat stable.
  • To protect the paint from bumps and scratches, look for a durable material with an adequately lined, cotton-like inner fleece.
  • AFTER § 10 ABs. 2 GZV and §23 par. 1 StVO, a license plate window / viewing window is mandatory and is subject to warning in the event of non-compliance. Better save the money for a tour with your friends!
  • Make sure that the motorcycle cover is dirt resistant. For example, through a coating. This additionally protects the value retention and facilitates cleaning.
  • Even with a cover, your motorcycle must be clearly visible to other road users. Reflectors or reflective fabrics significantly support visibility at night!
  • Make sure it fits well, e.g. with an elastic hem, to minimize wind exposure and friction between the cover and the motorcycle.
  • Look at additional fuses against wind. For example, by means of safety belts or other holders.
  • A properly positioned heat shield material can not only protect against a warm exhaust or engine, but also significantly reduce moisture absorption from the ground.

We recommend using a tarpaulin not only for outdoors. Also in the garage, underground garage or carport, this reliably protects against dust, dirt, scratches and bumps.

Don’t save at the wrong end!

I want to protect my motorcycle as best as possible with a motorcycle cover. What should I pay attention to?

We have been dealing for several years (professionally and privately) with the value preservation and theft protection of our motorcycles.

We firmly believe that a high-quality motorcycle cover can reliably protect your motorcycle in any parking situation. In our motorcycle tarpaulin consultant to maintain value have compiled all our knowledge for you.

For more information, please refer to the user manual and safety instructions (PDF) for our outdoor motorcycle cover.

Personal advice from bikers for bikers

We are available for you Mon-Fri 9-11:00 am and Mon-Thurs 15-17:00 pm:

175 reviews from real motorcyclists

  1. English



    Ducati Panigale V4


    Die Suche hat endlich ein Ende, klare 5/5 Sterne

    Verified owner

    Size: M

    Vorher hatte ich schon drei Abdeckungen verschlissen. Die letzte hatte nicht mal 3 Monate gehalten bevor die Nähte aufgegangen sind… Von der Outdoor haben wir bereits die zweite gekauft, erst für meine Sportler und jetzt für die Tourenmaschine von meinem Bruder. Wer Premium möchte, wird an Mycover nicht vorbeikommen, absolut top!

  2. English




    Super Jungs !!!!!

    Verified owner

    Das ist kein China Müll.

  3. English




    Wirklich empfehlenswert!

    Verified owner

    Size: XL+

    Mittlerweile haben wir im „Motorradbegeisterten Familienverbund“ 4 Stück Abdeckungen von euch.

  4. English



    BMW 1250 GS



    Verified owner

    Size: XL+

    Habe eine BMW 1250 GS und für dieses Fahrzeug eine XL+ Haube von Mycover gekauft.
    Heute nach 2 Jahren kann ich sagen, dass die Qualität, Haltbarkeit und Robustheit so wie von Mycover beschrieben ist, zutrifft.
    Ich habe leider keine Garage und mein Motorrad steht immer am selben Vorplatz beim Haus in der prallen Sonne, (Plastikteile an der GS)
    bleichten schon leicht aus, wegen der prallen Sonne.
    Meine Haube sollte zumindest UV-Beständig, Atmungsaktiv, Robust sein, also alle wünsche erfüllt.
    Mein Motorrad hatte den ganzen Winter und Sommer ohne Feuchtigkeits und UV-Schäden überstanden, also, ich kann für mich bestätigen dass dies
    ein hervorragendes Produkt ist, dass ich mir schon sehr lange gewünscht hatte.
    Zuvor hatte ich ( 5 verschiedene) Schutzhauben gekauft, auch eine von BMW, aber alle erfüllten meine Zwecke nicht oder nur bedingt.
    Danke, Mycover!

  5. English



    BMW S1000XR, 2015


    BMW S1000XR 2015 - Passt wie eine zweite Haut 1A++ an Qualität


    Size: XL+

    Ich habe schon viele Planen gehabt, sehr teure und sehr billige. Der einzige Unterschied bislang was der Preis, aber die Qualität gefühlt immer der gleiche Müllsack. Von MyCover habe ich von einem Kumpel gehört der in HH wohnt (ich selber bin PI *sorry*) 🙂
    Die Plane XL+ passt auf meine BMW S1000XR wie angegossen. Der Stoff und die nähte sind qualitativ von aller feinsten. Selbst bei starken Wind (heute ist Sturm in HH und PI 29.01.2022), bleibt die Plane sehr stabil an der Maschine und flattert kein bisschen (ich gucke gerade aus dem Fenster). Starkregen kann die Plane problemlos ab und das Moped bleibt absolut trocken. Das typische Problem mit dem Kondenswasser ist bei mir bisher nicht wieder vorgekommen. Wenn jetzt noch die UV Beständigkeit auch so gut ist wie der Rest, ist das die beste Plane die man kaufen kann. Ich empfehle euer Produkt auf jeden fall weiter. Ps. Die Tasche ist echt genial !

  6. English



    BMW F850GS, 2021


    Top Qualität, Premium Abdeckhaube und Preis/Leistung 1A

    Verified owner

    Size: XL+

    Die Abdeckhaube von MyCover in der Größe XL+ ist wie gemacht für meine BMW F850 GS. Nach vielen “billigen” Abdeckhauben, welche höchstens 1 Jahr hielten und nie das versprachen was die Hersteller angaben, bin ich auf MyCover gekommen. Preis/Leistung ist hier TOP, die Qualität der Haube ist perfekt und sie hält was sie verspricht. Wind und Wetter können ihr nichts ab, das Motorrad bleibt trocken und es ist optimal gegen jegliche Umwelt-Einflüsse geschützt. Zudem ist der Lack bestens durch weiches Innenmaterial gegen Kratzer und Hologramme beim Auf-/Abziehen geschützt. In der Nacht wird das Motorrad, falls es nicht auf dem eigenen Grundstück stehen sollte, perfekt durch die angebrachten Reflektoren erleuchtet, sodass man sie nicht übersehen kann. Der Versand war super schnell und die Haube kam ordentlich geliefert. Ich bin wirklich sehr begeistert und froh, dass mein Motorrad jetzt so gut draußen geschützt steht. Ich kann’s nur jedem Motorradliebhaber ans Herz legen, sich eine solche Haube zu besorgen!

  7. English



    YAMAHA MT 09 SP, 2023


    MYCOVER für eine YAMAHA MT 09 SP Bj.2022

    Verified owner

    Size: L

    Hallo Leute. Die Abdeckplane kam sehr schnell und gut verpackt bei mir an.
    Sie macht einen hochwertigen Eindruck und ist sehr gut verarbeitet. Das Innenmaterial ist sehr weich, also keine Angst das es irgendwo kratz oder reibt. Nach einigen Tagen in Benutzung kann ich sagen die Abdeckplane ist Schnee-, Regen- und Winddicht. Das Motorrad trocknet darunter gut ab und die Be-und Entlüftungsöffnungen sind groß genug und durch den Klettverschluß verstellbar. Die beiden Zurrbänder unter dem Motorrad halten die Plane nah am Fahrzeug der Wind kann nicht viel ausrichten.Das Bremsscheiben-Alarmschloss bleibt ruhig. Ich habe mich trotz kurzen Kennzeichenhalter für die Standartversion entschieden. Dadurch ist das Hinterrad üppig abgedeckt und das Nummernschild ist auch noch zu erkennen. Am Vorderrad könnte die Abdeckung etwas mehr sein, von der Bremsscheibe ist der untere Bogen noch zu sehen. Wenn die Originalspiegel gegen Zubehörteile ersetz werden reicht die Plane dann bestimmt bis auf den Boden.

  8. English



    Yamaha XN 1600 Wildstar, 2001


    Passt sehr gut

    Verified owner

    Size: C-XXL-C

    Gute Passform + gute Qualität. Yamaha XV 1600 Wildstar

  9. English


    Christoph R.

    Moto Sacoche Jubilee, 1932


    Eine Abdeckplane die hält was Sie verspricht!

    Verified owner

    Size: S

    Die Planen sind so individuell gestaltet, dass Sie selbst perfekt auf einen Oldtimer passen – messen – aussuchen – bestellen – montieren – Freude haben!!

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