The motorcycle lock consultant: Find the right motorcycle lock for you and your motorcycle

Park your motorcycle outside and secure it against theft with a motorcycle lock

Why do I need a motorcycle lock?

It’s every biker’s nightmare and unfortunately commonplace. Motorbikes are carried away, thrown onto mats in vans and disappear in just 30 seconds.

It’s unimaginably hurtful when your motorcycle suddenly isn’t where it was supposed to be safely parked a few minutes ago.

Around 20,000 motorcycle thefts are registered in Germany every year, i.e. 54.8 motorcycle thefts a day. In 2010 there were still over 40,000 motorcycle thefts. With only 150,000-180,000 new registrations and 4.3 million existing motorcycles in Germany, this is not a low number.

Unfortunately, the steering wheel lock on the motorcycle is not enough to protect your motorcycle from theft in the best possible way.

Motorbike thieves either break the steering wheel lock within a few seconds with a simple lever, or have two people lift the motorbike and carry it away.

A professional motorcycle lock is needed! But which motorcycle lock is best for you and your motorcycle?

Abus motorcycle chain lock

Which motorcycle locks are there?

Heard the motorcycle locks

There are various motorcycle locks of different brands on the market, which can be used as anti-theft protection for your motorcycle.

There would be, for example, the chain lock, folding lock, U-lock, or the brake disc lock and they all have different security levels, which we will look at in more detail later.

For bikers who are a bit lazy to read, here is a quick overview of the important information about motorcycle locks.

There are many motorcycle locks: chain locks, U-locks, brake disc locks, cable locks

Important brief information about motorcycle locks

  1. Every motorcycle lock can be cracked and therefore the material and design are the most important points of a motorcycle lock.
  2. It has to be robust says the pro!
  3. It is best to use hardened materials such as steel. The thicker a lock is, the more resistant it is. But be careful, the design is also important. A large piece of metal is more difficult to crack than small pieces or simple cables.
  4. Joints on motorcycle locks are points of attack and should therefore be of very high quality. The ends on the motorcycle locks must also be well secured.
  5. Everything that thieves have to cut away and cannot just pry open increases the time required and thus helps proactively to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen.

Big issues with motorcycle locks are weight and bulk.

  1. The heavier a lock is, the heavier it is, but it is also more secure. A large lock circumference means better handling in terms of “more flexibility when connecting your motorcycle”, but unfortunately also more weight for transport.
  2. Too much lock circumference also makes the work of motorcycle thieves a little easier, as there is more surface area for professional tools to attack.
  3. If the lock is very short, thieves will again have problems handling bolt cutters and other tools. It’s also good if the keyhole points downwards and doesn’t make it easier for the thief.

But what does that mean for the different motorcycle lock variants?

Quick understanding of the motorcycle lock variants

  • Thick U-locks are the most secure, are difficult to cut through and, due to their small circumference, offer less attack surface. However, they are often heavy and bulky.
  • Solid folding and chain locks have a high level of theft protection, are somewhat more flexible than U-locks but are also often heavy.
  • Thin folding and chain locks offer too large a target and should not be used to permanently secure your motorcycle in problem areas. But they are more flexible than massive folding and chain locks.
  • Frame and cable locks are generally not recommended at all and only serve as a small immobilizer against casual thieves without bolt cutters, who just want to jump on your motorcycle and run away with it. But they are still the handiest locks.

If you still want the advantage of a cable lock, you can use an armored cable lock. An additional steel shell offers additional protection. But keep in mind that key locks are more secure than combination locks.

Smartphones, for example, have revolutionized motorcycle locks. Locks are now available that no longer require keys and can be conveniently opened remotely using an app. Locks with 3D sensors that detect manipulation are now in use everywhere and it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Summary of “Know How” motorcycle locks

So now we know that a balance of material, weight, and size is necessary so that the motorcycle cannot be stolen within a few seconds. But it should also be a bit handy and a well-lit parking lot deters many thieves. In addition, a motorcycle should never be left unconnected – to a non-moving object.

The weak points of a motorcycle lock

What are the weaknesses of a motorcycle lock?

Surely you know thin and thick motorcycle locks, simple keys for a motorcycle lock and complex security keys or security cards for locks and motorcycle lock systems. The weaknesses of a motorcycle lock always depend on the respective lock and its security level. At first glance, it is not easy to keep track of things.

Hardened chain locks with coating are quite safe, as they have a smaller surface for thieves to attack.

U- locks , for example, can protect your motorcycle very well against theft, but are quite bulky and can only be picked at the lock hole.

A combination of chain lock or U-lock and ground anchor are among the best ways to protect your motorcycle from theft.

The little tricks of the motorcycle thieves, for example with ice spray, don’t help and without professional bolt cutters or the flex, no theft can simply take place here.

Even the good old tank cracker trick from TV, cracking your motorcycle lock with a paper clip, cannot be implemented with our ABUS locks. The best motorcycle locks actually no longer allow this type of motorcycle theft.

In which situation do I need which motorcycle lock?

Below you will find an overview of the new motorcycle lock types, their preferred area of application, as well as a lot of other helpful information on handling a motorcycle lock:

The motorcycle lock advisor: A motorcycle lock should be combined with a MYCOVER motorcycle tarpaulin for optimal protection against theft

The motorcycle locks explained in detail

The motorcycle chain lock

Motorcycle lock Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59

The chain lock for motorcycles is one of the best locks to effectively protect your motorcycle from theft and can be used anywhere. Compared to a U-lock, it’s flexible and sold in reasonable lengths, and most of the time you don’t need to pay attention to the circumference.

However, the weight is relatively high (3.9-5.7 kg) and due to its size, it usually does not fit under the seat. However, it can easily be stowed in a backpack (if the weight doesn’t bother you) or the side case, as well as a tank bag.

You should pay attention to a good coating, otherwise the rim will be scratched very quickly.

It is excellent for connecting the motorcycle to a pillar. If there is no pillar, it at least prevents the motorcycle from being pushed away easily. The thief can leave the saw and bolt cutters from the hardware store at home and should take his Flex with hardened washers and hearing protection with him.

Advantages motorcycle chain lock

  • Excellent theft protection
  • Highest security level
  • Specially hardened steel
  • Secure key function
  • Key with LED light
  • Flexible handling
  • Fits around almost every rim
  • Can score in almost any parking situation
  • Suitable for securing to pillars etc.
  • Various lengths: 110cm/140cm/170cm
  • Bolt cutters and thieves quickly reach their limits
  • Takes several minutes to crack, usually just with the flex
  • Chain link even has to be bent open after minutes of cracking
  • Very conspicuous attempted theft necessary

Disadvantages motorcycle chain lock

  • Heavy weight (12mm hex chain)
  • “High” price
  • Not compact
  • Usually does not fit under the seat

Our chain lock recommendation

The motorcycle folding lock

Motorcycle lock folding lock Abus Bordo Granit Plus Big 6500

A high-quality folding lock usually has good anti-theft protection. The security of a motorcycle folding lock with the Granit X Plus variants is almost as high as with a good padlock or chain lock and is often connected to the frame and a pillar. There are different strengths and lengths, where you should differentiate exactly. The overall weight is significantly lighter than that of a chain lock and significantly more compact when folded. With the supplied transport bag, it can usually be transported practically in the rear of the motorcycle or even mounted elsewhere for transport with massive cable ties.

A folding lock is more flexible than a thick chain, but has a fairly large and flat surface for a bolt cutter. The joints are also points of attack. Nevertheless, the Bordo GRANIT X Plus variant from ABUS with its 5.5mm steel has been able to withstand bolt cutters for quite a long time. The thief does not even need to use the saw.

Advantages motorcycle folding lock

  • Good anti-theft protection
  • High security level
  • Specially hardened steel
  • Secure key function
  • Very flexible handling
  • Light weight
  • medium price
  • Very compact
  • Usually fits under the seat
  • Fits around many rims
  • Can score in almost any parking situation
  • Suitable for securing to thinner pillars etc.
  • Casual thieves reach their limits
  • Takes several minutes to crack
  • Very conspicuous attempted theft necessary

Disadvantages motorcycle folding lock

  • Can usually be cracked with a good hardware store bolt cutter
  • Security level not as high as with a chain lock
  • Often does not fit in the rear of smaller motorcycles
  • Has only 5.5 mm instead of 12 mm hardened steel (see padlock)
  • No different lengths available

Our folding lock recommendation

The motorcycle padlock

Motorcycle U-lock Abus Granit Extreme 59 180HB310

With a 16mm square parabolic shackle and double locking in the lock body, the challenge for every motorcycle thief. A U-lock is probably the most massive lock among the still transportable motorcycle locks.

It has the highest security class and the steel of the shackle is usually hardened on the outside and softer on the inside to give a combination of ice spray and bolt cutters no chance. The motorcycle can also be connected to a thin bicycle stand with a U-lock. But, with the front wheel, which is actually better not to be connected, not an optimal solution. On the frame and pillar, it usually only works on motorcycles with a tubular space frame. It has a medium weight (2.8-3.06 kg), is unfortunately quite bulky due to its U-shape, but can be transported in a backpack or a suitcase. But with only three relatively small lengths of the bracket of 24.5 cm – 30.9 cm, it could no longer fit most rear wheel rims and must be connected to the front wheel. You should therefore better measure the length you need for your rim before you buy it!

In any case, when looking for a parking space for your motorcycle, you should preferably pay attention to thin pillars. Bolt cutters, saws, ice spray and whatever else the thieves can think of are not a good option for cracking. The Flex has to be there, or a professional, hydraulic bolt cutter has to be used.

Advantages motorcycle U-lock

  • Excellent theft protection
  • Highest security level
  • Specially hardened steel
  • Secure key function
  • Double locking from the lock body
  • Available in different lengths
  • Good price compared to the anti-theft

Disadvantages of a motorcycle U-lock

  • Not flexible
  • Rather bulky
  • Doesn’t fit under the seat
  • Does not fit all rims
  • Available in “only” three rather short lengths
  • Does not fit around all pillars

Our padlock recommendation

The ground anchor for motorcycle locks

For optimal protection against theft, combine an Abus motorcycle lock with an Abus Granit WBA75 ground anchor

The WBA 75/100 ground anchor is the perfect supplement for the locks already mentioned and those to come, and for being able to implement the highest theft protection class at home. Although it cannot be taken with you when you travel after it has been installed successfully, you can take exactly the part of the lock combination that you have purchased additionally or previously.

Inexpensive and the highest theft protection class for your motorcycle: If you park on your own property, in a garage or carport, the combination of a motorcycle lock and an additional ground anchor can significantly increase theft protection. Simply carrying it away or pushing it away from the motorcycle is no longer possible.

A ground anchor is mounted to the wall or floor with a solid screw. The experienced hobby craftsman only has to drill a simple hole with a drill: working time incl. unpack and assemble about 10 minutes. The motorcycle can then be secured to the ground anchor with a chain lock, U-lock, folding lock, brake disc lock or any combination of chain locks.
You no longer need to worry about your motorcycle being stolen.

Advantages motorcycle ground anchor

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Good anti-theft protection
  • Useful support for the highest security level of almost all lock combinations
  • Very easy
  • Simple assembly for the experienced hobby craftsman
  • Can be attached to almost any point on your property

Disadvantages of motorcycle ground anchors

  • A hole needs to be drilled
  • No function without a suitable lock
  • Own land necessary, landlord must agree to projects
  • Cannot be taken on vacation

Our ground anchor recommendation

The motorcycle brake disc lock

Motorcycle lock with alarm against theft Abus Granit Detecto Plus 8077

Modern technology for on the go:

Probably the smartest solution for all safety-oriented bikers who don’t want to carry a lot, but still want high protection with that certain extra.

High-quality brake disc locks for motorcycles have a very good theft protection class (security level 18-19) and are – as the name suggests – attached to the brake disc.

The thief not only has to overcome the mechanical and hard-to-reach 13.5 mm – 16 mm strong locking bolt protection of the lock, but is also deterred by an acoustic signal. The brake lock is equipped with a motion sensor (3D Position Detection), which when activated reacts to movement with a loud and shrill 100 dB alarm. Not a pleasant situation when it comes to theft and you are guaranteed to attract attention.

It is innovative, light, compact and usually fits practically in the rear of the motorcycle. Due to its small size, it is suitable for everyday use, e.g. on the way to work or school, but is also great for day trips and vacations. But it can be even more modern!

Motorcycle brake disc lock with Bluetooth and smartphone app:

The electronic Abus GRANIT Detecto Smart X 8078 brake disc lock offers the possibility to open and close the lock via app using the latest technology such as a Bluetooth function and the connection to a smartphone app. The option to assign profiles and releases to family members, friends and acquaintances is also practical. Also on the go! With the findability function thanks to the Parkfinder app, the motorcycle can be found quickly and easily in foreign cities.

Advantages motorcycle brake disc lock

  • Very good anti-theft protection
  • High security level
  • Specially hardened steel
  • Fits almost every brake disc
  • Light weight (990 grams)
  • Very compact
  • Opens at the push of a button on the app (if electronic version)
  • Location storage / park finder (if electronic version)
  • Family release without key (if electronic version)
  • alarm function
  • Good battery with recharge function
  • Battery status is displayed
  • Protection against lock picking
  • Depending on the model, there is an LED illuminated key
  • Depending on the model with 13.5 or 16mm locking bolt
  • Doesn’t really offer a point of attack for a bolt cutter
  • Can be combined with chain locks

Disadvantages motorcycle brake disc lock

  • “Higher price
  • Can theoretically be carried away without chain-lock combination
  • Alarm could be covered with several towels
  • The battery needs to be charged from time to time

Our brake disc lock recommendation

The motorcycle chain lock combination

Motorcycle ID lock combination with an ABUS Granit Detecto Plus 8008 12KS and a ground anchor

Chain lock combination for ultimate theft protection:

For example, if you combine one of the above brake disc locks with a strong chain lock (or U-lock) and a ground anchor, the thief will be deterred to the maximum and presented with a real challenge.

All the advantages of the excellent anti-theft protection from the chain lock and brake disc lock category are combined here. It is therefore not possible to carry the motorcycle away and move it without an alarm, so that a flex or hydraulic bolt cutter must be used.

Our tip: If the protection of your own motorcycle is really important, you can prevent a lot with modern technology and with a proportionate investment of your money, you can really protect your beloved and expensive motorcycle.

Example of how you can use chain lock combinations like a pro

  1. Put GRANIT Detecto XPlus 8008 12KS Black Loop in the shopping cart
  2. Put the WBA 100 ground anchor in the shopping cart
  3. Complete the order and wait for the delivery
  4. Carry out installation of the ground anchor (10min)
  5. Mount the brake disc lock on the brake disc
  6. Pull chain through ground anchor
  7. Connect chain to brake disc lock
  8. Be happy and truly protected from theft

Now you’re one of the few who probably don’t have to worry at all.

Cost point: Not 350€ but a damn safe motorcycle parking space and certainly a deeper sleep 😉

Our chain lock combination recommendation

The steel cable motorcycle lock: cheap start for the holiday?

Abus armored cable lock for theft protection on vacation and when travelling

Enter the world of motorcycle locks with the armored cable

The roll-back cable lock is probably the smallest and lightest entry-level class, for additional anti-theft protection of the motorcycle. On motorcycle tours or on vacation, several helmets and other luggage on the motorcycle can be secured against opportunistic thieves. Although “secure” is a fairly flexible term, as we have learned in the last security levels. This is really just a carry-away protection for the occasional thief without tools. But represents an additional theft hurdle!

The cable is in a small container, can be pulled out to a length of 120cm in a few seconds and hooked on the other side. It is attached to the frame or the bike and is secured with a four-digit combination lock.

Advantages motorcycle cable lock

  • Attractively priced
  • Extremely compact
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Also fits in the jacket pocket
  • Prevents easy pushing away
  • Can be taken on vacation

Disadvantages motorcycle armored cable

  • Not a high security class
  • Can be cracked with wire cutters
  • Draws little attention when stolen

Our armored cable recommendation

Discover our entire range of high-quality ABUS products.

Abus motorcycle brake disc lock in green with alarm

What should I look out for when buying a motorcycle lock?

Pay attention to the material, the material thickness in “mm” and the closure variation. Above all, keep an eye on the safety level, the type of structure and your own parking situation .

This is how you make the right choice.

Abus lock price: How much does a motorcycle lock cost

How much does a motorcycle lock cost?

In terms of price, the situation is similar to that of motorcycle protective equipment: Anyone who goes bargain hunting here either buys twice or has to live with the mostly negative consequences – a stolen motorcycle.

Roughly speaking, you can get motorcycle locks that are really made to protect motorcycles and not just for bicycles for between €139 and €350. Depending on the protection class and combination of lock units.

Our tip: Better to buy a high-quality motorcycle lock the first time. Because the second time you might not only need a new lock, but also a new motorcycle!

Motorcycle anti-theft protection for at home and on the road

In which parking situation do I need which lock?

What lock do I need when parking my motorcycle outside by a lamp post? Do you have a motorcycle parking area where you can lock your motorcycle to a pole or fix it to the ground? Do you just park on the street or in a locked lot? Do you travel a lot with your motorcycle and maybe you need a portable motorcycle travel lock? Here you will find our motorcycle expert tips on how to best protect your motorcycle against theft.

Situation 1: I park my motorcycle in the garage

A ground anchor and chain or U-lock are of course predestined here, as you can drill a hole in the ground or in the wall fairly quickly and the anchor is mounted quickly.

If you don’t have permission to do so, you can of course simply use a brake disc lock with an alarm, or use a chain lock or U-lock.

Since the garage is the first hurdle for a thief, depending on how secure the garage is, simpler motorcycle locks are sometimes sufficient. Note, however, that for experienced thieves, breaking into a garage is usually not an insurmountable obstacle. Reliable anti-theft protection also makes sense in your own garage!

A brake disc lock with an alarm in a well-insulated garage may under certain circumstances not do as much as an alarm function would suggest. While 100Db outdoors is enough to draw a lot of attention, it can be fairly well isolated from the outside noise-wise in the garage. This is the reason why an alarm system alone is not so advantageous after all.

If the thief in your garage has to get at your motorcycle lock with a flex instead, he will think twice about it and will most likely stop stealing your motorcycle.

Our castle recommendations

Motorcycle garage parking Abus motorcycle lock theft protection

Situation 2: I park my motorcycle in a carport

Here we recommend a ground anchor and a chain lock combination of brake disc lock with alarm, because you are outdoors here and such a loud and fast-acting alarm can be distributed really nicely.

Our castle recommendations

Carport motorcycle lock Abus theft protection

Situation 3: I park my motorcycle on my property

Here, too, we recommend a ground anchor with chain lock combination, a brake disc lock with alarm or, for example, a U-lock. Depending on the location of the property and where it is parked on or behind your house, the alarm can go unnoticed. Then we recommend expanding the combination to a U-lock or a massive chain, which then has to be flexed open by the thief. Getting the motorcycle off the property unnoticed is much more difficult for the thief and provides a good deterrent.

Our castle recommendations

Property motorcycle lock anti-theft protection

Situation 4: I park my motorcycle on the street or sidewalk

If possible, use a chain, chain lock combination or U-lock and look for a solid object to connect it to. If you have problems with the transport, use a brake disc lock with alarm to ensure maximum attention.

The experiences of the police show that mostly the motorcycles and bicycles are stolen, which have a worse lock than the neighboring bike. So look what the others are doing. Note that a motorcycle can be stolen most quickly on the street if it is not locked to a fixed object.

Our castle recommendations

Street sidewalk motorcycle lock Abus theft

Situation 5: I park my motorcycle on the street, secured to a lamppost or similar.

If possible, use a chain, chain lock combination or U-lock and look for a solid object to connect it to. Should you have problems with transport, use a brake disc lock with alarm to ensure maximum attention.

And the same applies here: the experiences of the police show that the motorcycles and bicycles that have a worse lock than the neighboring bike are usually stolen. So look what the others are doing. Note that a motorcycle can be stolen most quickly on the street if it is not tied to a fixed object.

Our castle recommendations

Motorcycle lantern road connect anti-theft motorcycle lock

Situation 6: I park my motorcycle in different places and I’m traveling

Here you have to weigh up which lock you can really take with you when you travel in order to be able to protect yourself effectively against theft of your motorcycle. We recommend the brake disc lock with alarm function and smartphone connection, which quite often fits under the passenger seat in your motorcycle and doesn’t waste any more space.

You know how much space you really have when traveling (not much!), so a massive chain or U-lock can be a problem.

If you have the space available, it is best to take a chain lock combination or a U-lock with an adapter plate with you. In addition, a small armored cable with which you can connect your helmets to the motorcycle. (20€ and pocket size)

While the cable won’t stand up to a professional bolt cutter, it will make it harder for casual thieves. With the Bluetooth function of the brake disc lock and location storage, you know exactly where you parked, even in a foreign city. Very convenient!

Our castle recommendations

Motorcycle tours security motorcycle lock tours theft

What security levels are there for motorcycle locks?

Motorcycle lock security levels or security levels are very important. Among other things, they are used to make a choice as to which lock to buy and how long your motorcycle will be protected against theft of a criminal.

Unfortunately there are far too many security seals/security levels for locks, which are created individually by the manufacturer and which make it difficult to get an overview. There are also independent certification bodies and thus further seals…

In order to be able to guide you quickly to the right motorcycle lock and to be able to make a serious choice, we have listed the security levels of ABUS for you.

ABUS is the leading manufacturer and has its locks tested by various European testing institutes to ensure neutral and professional anti-theft protection.

So that you can see which level is necessary for your individual anti-theft protection, you should always consider your respective parking situation.

Abus security level for motorcycle locks

Motorcycle lock test seal / seal of approval and why we recommend ABUS?

ABUS is the world’s leading manufacturer of motorcycle locks, locking cylinders and security technology.

Numerous extreme test procedures, complex development strategies and long-term tests lead to various security levels and testing organizations, to the award and award of really safe locks for your motorcycle.

Whether it’s a motorcycle lock for your BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Aprilia, Harley Davidson, MV Agusta, KTM and other motorcycle brands.

They all deserve quality motorcycle lock protection!

We rely on Made in Germany and appreciate the technical “know-how” of the development department and the preference for motorcycles.

Overview of the test seals such as the CE marking and the VDS certification

The ABUS Level System explained

ABUS offers a security level system for motorcycles, which can be classified roughly as follows:

Level 1-4: Beginners

Minimal protection against opportunistic thieves and motorcycle theft in areas with a very low risk of theft

Level 5-9: Solid base

Basic protection against opportunistic thieves and motorcycle theft in medium-risk areas.

Level 10-15: Good anti-theft protection

Anti-theft protection for your motorcycle, even in regions with a higher risk of theft

Level 16-20: Excellent and maximum protection

Don’t give thieves a chance! Maximum theft protection for your motorcycle, no matter where and at any time.

Anti-theft device for motorcycle with an Abus motorcycle lock

Why buying a motorcycle lock makes sense

To make it clear to you again why buying a motorcycle lock makes sense not only because of the high number of thefts, let’s touch on the subject of insurance….for all bikers who want to know a little more!

Every year you pay different insurance fees for the insurance of your motorcycle. There is liability insurance, partially comprehensive insurance and fully comprehensive insurance. The price differences, as well as the insurance cover in the event of theft, are extremely different. Apart from the fact that you don’t get any money at all from theft with liability insurance, the situation with partial comprehensive insurance looks similarly bleak. Although this partially covers the theft of your motorcycle, you will only be reimbursed for the current value of your motorcycle.

For example, if you buy a new motorbike tomorrow for €7,500, only drive it around for a week and have around 600km on the clock, you will still only be reimbursed for the current value of your motorbike. Now you think “it can’t be that low after a week”. Theoretically correct, but the insurance company also looks at which model/model year it is and how it is currently being traded and not just at the first registration.

If the model has been on the market for 2 years and a motorcycle with key data similar to yours only costs €5,500 or less to replace, you’ve quickly made a loss of €2,000. You can now decide for yourself whether the purchase of the lock would have been worthwhile.

It usually looks a little better with fully comprehensive insurance, but you have to read the insurance conditions carefully here too. You often have to take out extra insurance (GAP) to cover the loss between replacement value and current value.

Unfortunately, your expensive built-in accessories are not covered either. Anyone who has now also financed their vehicle is usually faced with a huge loss and can pay it off for a long time.

By the way, if your motorcycle suddenly turns up again after the theft and the insurance payout, you usually have to pay the money back and argue/negotiate with your insurance company about the damage to the vehicle.

Cost estimates for repairs etc. will then be necessary, but this does not mean that they will pay for your damage. Here you quickly get into the area of vandalism and you may not be insured against it. The insurance companies are only too happy to reach for their old beloved jungle paragraphs and you look into the tube…

So hurry up, buy a good lock and don’t burden yourself with such unnecessary things.

Here is another example of insurance costs for your motorcycle

  • Liability insurance – no theft protection included (150-250€ per year)
  • Comprehensive insurance – theft protection included but 99% only with the current value of your motorcycle at the time of theft. (350-600€ per year)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance – theft protection included and usually better insured than partially comprehensive, but still often only covered with the current value instead of the new value. (600-1500€ per year)

The seal of approval for motorcycle locks

VdS: A certificate that guarantees the highest quality for motorcycle locks

VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is a company of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and works as an independent certification body for safety technology in Germany.

The VdS tests security products and then divides them into classes, which usually serve as a basis for advice for both property insurers and the police.

With its strict certification guidelines, the VdS ensures high-quality products that guarantee the best results and safety even under the most adverse operating conditions.

Therefore, when buying, pay attention to various seals of approval, whether VDS, ART, SRA. ABUS has its locks checked in different countries to ensure neutral theft protection!

CE certificate for motorcycle locks

With the CE marking, which stands for “Communautés Européennes” (“European Community”), consumers can see at a glance that a product meets the requirements imposed on the manufacturer by the European Union.

The CE mark is affixed if a directive exists for the product.

The manufacturer thus confirms compliance with the CE guidelines.

This marking is therefore an indication that the marked product meets the legal requirements of the EU for health protection, environmental protection and safety.

The CE marking is not a seal of quality, but a manufacturer’s declaration of compliance with EU directives.

The prerequisite is the testing and confirmation of compliance with the standard by an independent body.

Essentially, it fulfills a function as a supervisory mark, which, for example, is intended to make it easier for trade inspectors in EU countries to inspect the products.

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