Cleaning paste easypaste

Easypaste cleaning paste is an all-purpose cleaner with strong cleaning power for all household and outdoor surfaces. Removes even stubborn dirt such as urine scale, rust, tar, rubber deposits and adhesive residue, with integrated protective film for lasting cleanliness.

Cleaning paste easypaste


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Cleaning paste easypaste

  • Powerful cleaning: easypaste removes even stubborn dirt that cannot be removed even with conventional cleaning agents.
  • With special protective film: The protective film seals the surface and prevents dirt from sticking again.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in Germany: easypaste is manufactured in Germany and is of the highest quality.

The easypaste cleaning paste for cleaning all surfaces

Easypaste is the perfect all-purpose cleaner for the home and workshop. Consisting of silicone and synthetic resin, the result is outstanding cleaning power. With its powerful cleaning power, it removes even stubborn dirt such as urine scale, limescale, rust film, tar, rubber deposits and adhesive residue.

Application: Simply apply some paste to a cloth, rub in and wipe off. Done!

For intensive cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and workshop for tiles, glass, stove, grill, patio, car and motorcycle.

Thanks to the special water-repellent, non-adhesive or smearing protective film, the substrate is also sealed and the re-adhesion of dirt is made more difficult. It is also resistant to contamination from the air, corrosive materials and salts.

Easypaste cleansing paste is made in Germany and dermatologically tested. It is kind to the skin and contains no harmful ingredients.

More value retention for your bike!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the cleaning paste be used?

The Easypaste can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for cleaning ceramics, porcelain, plastic, wood and metal. Material compatibility should be tested on a small inconspicuous area before use.

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