Premium scooter covers for your Vespa from MYCOVER®

Exclusive outdoor quality • Handmade • Tear resistant • Waterproof • Can be used all year round • Perfect fit

MYCOVER Motorcycle cover also for Aprilia, the protection for your motorcycle

The MYCOVER® scooter cover makes no compromises when it comes to protecting your scooter. An exclusive cover sewn by hand and equipped with 10x sophisticated functions.

Easy selection of the right size thanks to recommendations for over 1,300 motorcycle models and over 15 intermediate sizes for all motorcycles and scooters.

MYCOVER® – Protection at its finest: 360° all-round protection for your motorcycle!

Interactive size recommendation

3 steps to the right size of covers for your Vespa scooter

Choose your scooter from over 1,300 models and get the right size recommendation for the premium outdoor scooter covers from MYCOVER® in 3 simple steps.

In addition to factory condition, we also cover conversions for some vehicles with our interactive size recommendations. Rarely is it so easy to buy the right covers!

MYCOVER® – Protection at its finest

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  If your model year is not on the list, select the motorcycle model of the same type. If the size does not fit, we will of course take the product back or exchange it.

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Instructions: Measure your motorcycle correctly and find the right size of covers

If your bike is rebuilt or you couldn’t find it in our size recommendations, use our step by step guide to find the right cover size by measuring your bike.

Attention! Accessories such as tank bags, side cases, exhaust systems, footrest extensions, booster seats, crash bars, crash pads, axle protectors and similar conversions, fit under the cover.

Correctly measure the motorcycle

The official specifications of the manufacturers are always without license plate holder, mirrors and without windshield.

Better measure yourself to be on the safe side!

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Position the motorcycle correctly

  1. Place your motorcycle on the side stand and not on the main stand so that the rear height can be measured correctly.
  2. Straighten the handlebars. Use a wedge or hammer on the tire as a fixation if necessary

The whole thing should then look something like this:

Step 2: Measure motorcycle correctly

Now measure and write down the following dimensions of your vehicle:

  • Maximum length
  • Maximum front width (handlebar or mirror)
  • Maximum front height (mirror or pane)
  • Rear height (incl. sissy bar, topca carrier etc.)
  • Rear width (only relevant for choppers – please measure the side license plate holder as well)

When measuring the height values, make sure that the folding rule and the vehicle are positioned perpendicular to the ground. Small tip: If you sit on the vehicle or hold it straight, you can measure more easily.

Use the charts below to guide your measurement. Hold your folding rule at the same angle as the marks positioned on the diagrams.

Total length

Tail height

Maximum front height

Maximum front width

Maximum rear width

Then use the following tables to find the right size.

Step 3: Compare your measurements with the MYCOVER® motorcycle cover dimensions

Tip: The dimensions given in the tables are the maximum dimensions of our products.


Length/front width: Your measurements must be smaller than the values given in the table.

Height front/rear: Your measurements should be equal to or greater than the values given in the table.

Sizes for Tourer, Sportsman, Topcase (TC) etc.

SizeLengthFront widthFront heightHeight tailMax tail width
M+ TC2159513011580
L 23510012010090
XL+ 245110145100105
XL+ TC250115145140105
XL+ GT255110145100120
XL+ GT +TC255115145100120
All dimensions in cm, dimensions of the transport bag: 38x10x30cm

Chopper sizes

SizeLengthFront widthFront heightHeight tailMax tail width
All dimensions in cm, dimensions of the transport bag: 38x10x30cm

Unsure which size fits your bike? We are happy to help you and here you can reach us: Contact.

The premium outdoor scooter tarpaulin also for Vespa scooters

Suitable for your Vespa: The MYCOVER® scooter cover

The MYCOVER® scooter cover protects your Vespa from moisture, dirt and UV radiation all year round. Also perfect as additional indoor or outdoor protection for your carport and garage against dirt, dust and unwanted scratches.

Select model and receive size recommendation

Choose your model and get one step closer to your premium covers from MYCOVER®

946 125 I.E.

946 bunny (from 2024)

946 Dragon (from 2024)

Eletrica 45 (from 2024)

Eletrica 70 (from 2024)


GL 150 (from 1964)

GTS 125

GTS 125 SuperSport (from 2023)

GTS 250 (2006)

GTS 300

GTS 300 (from 2017)

GTS Super 125

GTS Super 300

GTS Super Sport

GTS Super Sport 300

GTS Super Tech 125

GTS Super Tech 300

GTV (from 2024)

GTV 300 Special Edition Sei Giorni

LX 50

LX 60

Primavera 50

Primavera 125

Primavera Color Vibe 50 (from 2024)

Primavera Color Vibe 125 (from 2024)

Primavera Pic Nic 50 (from 2024)

Primavera Pic Nic 125 (from 2022)

Primavera Touring 125

PX 125

PX 200

S50 4T (2009)

Sprint 50

Sprint 125

Sprint Justin Bieber x Vespa 50

Sprint S 125

Exclusive scooter covers for your Vespa

The scooter cover for value retention & theft protection, also suitable for your Vespa model

MYCOVER®: Exactly the protection your bike needs!

Our stylish scooter covers from MYCOVER® Protection also provide optimum protection for iconic Vespa scooters and preserve their special paintwork and components in the best possible way.

Our scooter covers are subject to the strictest internal criteria and protect the Vespa GTS 125 or the Vespa Primavera 125 in size M, for example. But also with the size S+ the Vespa LX 60.

MYCOVER® Scooter covers

A high-quality scooter deserves a high-quality scooter cover

When you ride a Vespa, you feel the Italian passion for design and quality.

For optimum value retention, we have developed the indoor and outdoor scooter tarpaulin for 360° protection. The MYCOVER premium outdoor scooter covers also offer your Vespa optimum protection against moisture, dirt and scratches.

Thought out in detail and equipped with 10 important functions to protect your Vespa. The MYCOVER® scooter cover for the whole year!

Protect your motorcycle with the high-quality Motorcycle covers for Vespa . Our Motorcycle cover for Vespa offers optimum protection from the weather, dust and dirt. The breathable, water-repellent Motorcycle covers for Vespa fit your vehicle perfectly thanks to an elastic hem. Ideal for any storage, the Motorcycle cover also extends the service life of Vespa. Discover the ideal Motorcycle cover for your Vespa motorcycle now. The Motorcycle covers for Vespa effectively protect the bike from environmental influences.


About Vespa

Probably the most famous scooter in the world, it has stood for joie de vivre and the dawn of the future since as early as 1946. Even in its early days, the Vespa was considered revolutionary and innovative, with its style elements it quickly became an icon of innovation and style. After World War II, during the period of reconstruction, the inventor, aeronautical engineer Corradino d’Ascanio, combined technology, practical function and aerodynamics to create a scooter that was both uncomplicated and affordable. Even today, every now and then there are new anniversary editions to commemorate the old and create the new.