Winterproof Motorcycle covers? How to get through the winter safely!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage where their motorcycle can spend the winter. This raises the question for many bikers of how to properly protect their motorcycle from the vagaries of nature in winter. The solution: a Motorcycle covers offers winter protection for your vehicle.

To anticipate the most important point: If you leave your motorcycle outside all winter without additional protection, there is usually a nasty surprise at the start of the next season! Those who do not act proactively here often have to pay dearly for this in the coming year. That’s why the Motorcycle covers help, they are frost-resistant and protect against the cold.

What should you pay particular attention to in winter if you have to leave your bike outside? Can a motorcycle winter cover provide protection?

The MYCOVER® team explains!

How can a winter-proof Motorcycle covers protect?

If a motorcycle is left outside all year round, it must be properly protected against rain, snow and frost. Sharp drops in temperature down to -20 °C are stressful for the motorcycle and its electronic components and can lead to permanent damage if no additional protection is provided.

With a winter-proof and durable Motorcycle covers you can get your motorcycle safely through the winter until the start of the next season! Motorcycle winter tarpaulins protect against snow and frost.

Is there anything you should pay particular attention to? Yes! Usually ignored: The salt from gritting vehicles!

Salts or other grit that hits the paintwork from spreaders or even unintentionally from snowballs causes expensive scratches on the paintwork.

Another mostly underestimated problem is the melt water. It flows into every gap or opening, no matter how small, and when it freezes again, it expands so that components not only get slight cracks, but are literally “blown up”. However, your motorcycle is well protected with a winter-proof Motorcycle covers.

Common problems that occur without a Motorcycle cover:

  • Rust in spring on various components (on screws, chain, etc.)
  • Damaged rubber, plastic and chrome components
  • Paintwork damaged by road salt and road gritters
  • Defective electronic components such as the cockpit or controls
  • Hail damage to paintwork, cockpit and windshield
  • No inner lining to protect against scratches

Conclusion: Without additional protection, your motorcycle loses value and the next start of the season is usually stressful and expensive.

To get through the winter worry-free, your motorcycle needs additional protection from a high-quality outdoor Motorcycle covers!

Not every Motorcycle covers is winterproof and suitable for winter!

ATTENTION: Cheap covers will damage your motorcycle!

Unfortunately, there are many cheap Motorcycle covers on the market that do more damage to your motorcycle than protect it. As bikers, we have had to experience for ourselves in the past that a “cheap” Motorcycle cover usually doesn’t even last a season or the winter.

Broken and not winterproof Motorcycle covers

Common problems with cheap Motorcycle covers in winter:

  • Too thin and not tear-resistant fabrics
  • No winterproof outdoor material
  • Poor workmanship of the seams
  • No additional fixations available
  • Poor general passfrom
  • No inner lining to protect against scratches

Make sure that the material has a thickness of 300 denier – often abbreviated as “300D” – as thinner materials tend to tear easily when frozen or the seams come loose due to poor workmanship. Because only a good motorcycle winter cover will protect your bike from the winter elements.

Conclusion: If you save money when buying a winterproof Motorcycle cover, you always buy at least twice!

You can find out more about what you should look out for before buying a cover in our Motorcycle covers advisor .

Winterize your motorcycle with the right covers

Winterproof Motorcycle covers with snow and water
Winterproof MYCOVER® Outdoor Motorcycle cover – Made from extra thick woven fabric. Photo: Covers test by Bremspunkt

To protect your motorcycle from the aforementioned damage and loss of value in winter, we recommend a high-quality Motorcycle covers for winter: With a durable, winter-proof outdoor material and a soft inner fleece, which protects the paintwork of your motorcycle in the long term. Because a motorcycle winter cover keeps snow and ice away from your beloved bike.

No more nasty surprises for you after hibernation!

Discover our winterproof premium outdoor Motorcycle covers now.

Questions about the winterproof Motorcycle cover

Which Motorcycle covers are winterproof?

A winter-proof Motorcycle covers should consist of a hard-wearing outer material and a soft inner fleece. Not every Motorcycle cover is winterproof and you should always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. A Motorcycle cover that is not winterproof can damage the paintwork and other components of the motorcycle.

Our tip: Take a look at our Motorcycle covers advisor

Where to safely overwinter the motorcycle?

A garage is very well suited for storing motorcycles over the winter. Here too, a Motorcycle covers offers additional protection from dust, dirt, scratches and prying eyes.

If there is no garage and the motorcycle is regularly parked under a carport or even outside all year round, you should protect your motorcycle with your high-quality Motorcycle covers. By using a high-quality cover, your own motorcycle can spend the winter outside without any problems.

What size for a Motorcycle covers in winter?

The same applies in winter as in summer: Motorcycle covers should fit as snugly as possible in order to protect the motorcycle adequately. The Motorcycle cover adapts perfectly to your motorcycle thanks to elasticated hems and additional safety straps.

Which covers are right for your motorcycle? Click here for the outdoor Motorcycle covers size recommendation

When should you cover your motorcycle with a Motorcycle cover in winter?

In order to avoid depreciation and unnecessary repairs, a motorcycle should always be covered. A good housse protects indoor and outdoor areas from dirt, grime and damage. A tear-resistant housse is also a good theft protection for opportunist thieves. Security can be further increased by combining a cover with an ABUS lock.

MYCOVER motorcycle cover for BMW, the protection for your motorcycle

Premium outdoor motorcycle tarpaulin from MYCOVER®

A high-quality motorcycle deserves a high-quality motorcycle cover

The MYCOVER® Premium Outdoor Motorcycle cover also offers your bike optimum protection against moisture, dirt and scratches. With 10 well thought-out functions – developed by bikers for bikers – for optimal value retention of your motorcycle!

It is suitable for outdoor use all year round in winter, but is also wonderfully suitable as an indoor motorcycle cover for your garage or carport.