The best gift ideas for motorcyclists in different price categories

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a motorcyclist, the choice can sometimes be challenging.

What can a motorcycle enthusiast do with anything at all? Or what really triggers long-term joy?

In this article, we will present a wide range of gifts for the best hobby in the world to help you find the perfect motorcycle gift or motorcycle gadget.

The MYCOVER® team clarifies!

Biker gifts under 20 euros

  • Motorcycle key fob: Let’s start with an inexpensive option that can enhance the everyday life of a motorcyclist. A motorcycle key ring is a small but loving gift for biker men too.
  • Motorcycle care kit: A motorcycle care kit with cleaning agents, microfiber cloths and brushes is an affordable way to make it easier to care for your beloved bike and make every bike shine.
  • Motorcycle gloves: High quality motorcycle gloves can significantly improve riding comfort and safety without breaking your budget, making them a great gift for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Side stand pad: The side stand pad prevents the bike from sinking when parked on soft ground and also protects high-quality floors from scratching. This 2 in 1 gadget helps a lot and costs little.
  • ABUS PS88 care and de-icing spray: The care and de-icing spray is part of every motorcyclist’s basic equipment and helps with the care and de-icing of all types of locks. Doesn’t cost much, but helps immensely.
  • ABUS Memory Cable: The ABUS Memory Cable is the ideal accessory for your brake disk lock. It visually reminds you to remove the lock before riding off and is therefore extremely helpful in protecting your motorcycle. Also suitable as a motorcycle gift for men.

Motorcycle gifts in the price range from 20 to 50 euros

  • Motorcycle gloves with touchscreen function: these gloves allow the rider to comfortably operate their smartphone without taking off their gloves, making them an extremely practical and original gift for motorcyclists.
  • Combination lock: The combination lock is the cheaper alternative to the key lock. It does not offer the highest level of protection against theft and is therefore more suitable for motorcycles in the lower price range. Nevertheless, it makes a wonderful birthday present for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle gift ideas in the 50 to 100 euro price range

  • Bluetooth communication system: Bluetooth communication systems allow motorcyclists to communicate with each other and enjoy music while riding. They are a slightly more expensive but extremely worthwhile gift idea on the subject of motorcycle gift ideas.
  • Motorcycle luggage bags: Practical for longer trips to transport luggage safely and a popular birthday present for motorcyclists.
  • ABUS Iven Chain 8210: Double protect your bike with the ABUS Iven Chain 8210 chain lock. The 8mm square chain has a flexible Ivy synthetic fiber jacket to prevent paint damage. Made of specially hardened steel, the lock provides good protection against theft.
  • ABUS Alarmbox: This helpful extra is not only an ideal gift for motorcycle fans, but also for everyone else. It effectively protects your valuables against theft, with a powerful alarm function of at least 100 dB for 15 seconds and automatic re-arming, it offers you reliable security against pickpockets.
  • Wall and floor anchor: Secure your motorcycle effectively with a robust floor and wall anchor. This anchor offers maximum theft protection and can be mounted flexibly. Compatible with chain locks, brake disk lock combinations and U-locks, it ensures maximum security. Invest in the best protection and prevent your motorcycle from being carried away. Buy now and park carefree! Ideal for the parking lot: Whether in the garage, the yard or under the carport.
  • Loose chains: A practical gift for anyone who already owns a brake disk lock. The chain makes it easy to extend the lock and can be combined with the aforementioned ground anchor. (Link only as an example, check which lock was purchased beforehand).

Gifts for motorcycle fans over 100 euros

  • Motorcycle covers (outdoor): A Motorcycle covers is the perfect gift for any motorcyclist. It protects the motorcycle from the weather, dust and dirt, extends its service life and preserves its value. High-quality Motorcycle covers have paint protection on the inside, are made of tear-resistant material and are suitable for year-round use – even in winter. Also available for the popular BMW motorcycles as a gift.
  • Motorcycle covers (indoor): Housse covers are not only useful for outdoor use, they can also be very helpful for garages and general indoor use. It protects against dust and paint damage and thus ensures that the motorcycle is well protected against dirt indoors.
  • Motorcycle helmet: A high-quality helmet is an absolute must for every motorcyclist and can save lives. This is a gift that puts safety first.
  • Motorcycle jacket: A protective jacket with CE-approved protectors offers protection in the event of an accident and is a valuable gift that supports the rider in every way.
  • Brake disk lock: The brake disk lock is more expensive, but it also guarantees the highest level of protection against theft. It is innovative, light, compact and usually fits practically in the rear of the motorcycle. Due to its small size, it is suitable for everyday use, e.g. on the way to work or school, but is also great for day trips and vacations.


If none of the other suggestions appeal to you, there is always the voucher. You can choose the price range yourself, and the recipient can also choose what he/she would like to have.

You also don’t have to worry about whether it’s a motorcycle gift for men or women. A voucher for a store that sells motorcycle accessories fits the theme here. We recommend a voucher for the MYCOVER store, which offers a wide range of products from locks to tarpaulins.


To summarize, Motorcycle covers, motorcycle locks and motorcycle accessories make a good birthday gift for motorcyclists, but are also suitable as a wedding gift for bikers. They protect the motorcycle from environmental influences and theft, thus helping to preserve the joy of motorcycling. While there are many great gift ideas for motorcyclists, these three options are particularly practical and useful.

Questions about the gift ideas

Are there different covers?

Yes, there are many different sizes. These vary depending on the type of motorcycle, scooter or chopper and must therefore be selected individually. There is also a choice between indoor and outdoor covers.

Our tip: Take a look at our Motorcycle covers advisor

Which lock should I buy?

Here it is important to take several components into account, on the one hand there is a clear price difference with ABUS locks and on the other hand they secure differently, have different security levels and several locking variants. You should therefore pay attention to the price of the motorcycle and where it is located. Take a look at our motorcycle lock advisor, who is sure to have an answer.

Our tip: ABUS has a system of security levels from 1-20, whereby the higher the numbers, the greater the security protection.

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